Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gallery: Raymond Lontok


A model’s age is no barrier to RAYMOND LONTOK's way of clicking the shutter

Like Giampiero Gastaldi of Italy, fashion photographer Raymond Lontok, who divides his time between Vancouver, Milan, New York and Manila, is featured in the fifth issue (now printing) of rice!, a bookazine about gay life in the Philippines. The following is what I wrote about Lontok, who has assumed the name Lon Li-wen (he is of Chinese-Filipino descent) since 2002.

IT’S very seldom that a male nude photographer would find a good model in his forties. By good here we mean not only a handsome face and a beautiful body (we could perhaps forgive him if he doesn’t have those rippling abs), but also a secure sense of manhood, or, at best, that pride of still having some assets (and we don’t mean his bank accounts) at age past forty.

It was by chance that photographer Raymond Lontok had again met Rodd Taylor, a Canadian friend from years past, during one of his visits to Puerto Galera, on Mindoro Island.

Taylor agreed right away to be photographed naked, saying he wouldn’t be able to see his body again this way. In fact, he’d expressed some sort of regret that he didn’t pose nude before the camera during his prime. The pictorial wasn’t done in Puerto Galera, though, but in Palawan.


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