Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cheap Thrills Too

The Westin Philippine Plaza


TWO weeks before my musician-friend and I found a vantage point at the seawall at the back of The Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel at a reclaimed area, in Pasay City, we were in the Grand Ballroom of the same hotel, eating dinner of Chinese lauriat at one of my best friends’ (who says you can’t have more than one best friends?) wedding banquet.

A Spanish-Filipino mestiza (mixed race), my friend serenaded the newlyweds and their 800 guests with “Unforgettable” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (“Since it’s Christmastime, let me sing you a Christmas song as my season’s greetings to everyone, especially the newlyweds,” she said).

Before going to the wedding banquet my singer-friend and I met at the Harrison Plaza mall, she in slippers and casual dress and me in brown leather shoes, olive green trousers and a white shirt with its sleeves rolled up.

Then we took the public jeepney going to Westin, where we proceeded to the changing rooms of the swimming pool area.

She put on makeup and changed into a cocktail outfit of high-heeled green and blue sandals, olive green (long) felt skirt, electric-pleated celadon top and apple-green silk pashmina (big scarf). At the other room I was busy fishing my party stuff out of my Il Bisonte chocolate-brown backpack, and then knotting my Italian silk cravat (cream with maroon circle prints) and putting on my beige jacket.

“See, don’t you think I look like a lettuce?” my friend asked me as she emerged from the changing room.

While she seemed to have an Issey Miyake top, my friend confided in me that she just bought “this generic blouse” from a discount store during one of her visits to the United States.

As for me, while I was well-shod and dressed in Italian, I bought all those stuff from a discount warehouse.

We changed into casuals again after the wedding banquet, and walked (“We ate a lot, so we may as well walk to lighten our stomach,” we both agreed) while discussing about marriage as an institution that we both abhor, and life’s ups and downs from the hotel to the Harrison Plaza vicinity, where we took the public transport going home.

Ah, our cheap thrills!

A Westin's room with a view (of Manila Bay)


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