Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Vatican Illogicians

The Vatican Square


JUST how do you find out when and if someone has clearly overcome his homosexuality for at least three years? And this assuming if gay-ness can be overcome, in the strictest sense of the word, like doing away with the habit of smoking or drinking.

This was my first reaction when the Vatican published weeks ago an instruction approved by Pope Benedict XVI banning bishops across the world from ordaining homosexuals into the priesthood.

I absolutely have no quarrel against the Vatican ban on gays, since the Catholic Church is an organized religion (this fact has become so obvious for some 2,000 years that people tend to regard it as one directly installed by God) whose edicts are made by men (though, of course, they wear purple robes).

If you can’t follow the rules of the church, you are not welcome to the priesthood. That’s fine. It’s just as simple as saying that if you can’t tow the line, you have no business being in the Cabinet, or be amongst the President’s men—and women.

What disturbed me, however, was the Vatican edict saying the church still welcomes gay men to the priesthood if their homosexuality was only “the expression of a transitory problem—for example that of adolescence not yet superseded.”

(Hello, is homosexuality some kind of a juvenile aberration?)

It added that would-be gay priests must first show that their homosexual tendencies had been “clearly overcome at least three years before ordination to the dioconate.”

Just how are you able to evaluate such?

Frankly, this edict is so bereft of logic that it has made me consider entering the priesthood just so I could test my acting ability. It seems like all that the Vatican wants are gay priests having good training in theater.

How can so intelligent a people trained in the ascetic dogmatism of discourse and reason be bereft of the simplest of logic, I do not understand.

Inside St. Peter's Basilica

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