Saturday, December 24, 2005

Global (Pinoy) Kid

Magno and her WTO-winning artwork


SEVEN-year-old MARY Loise Magno, a Filipino student in China Hong Kong, stood tall amongst world trade experts and negotiators as she bested more than 3,000 other grade-schoolers to win the Welcome Card design contest sponsored by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Used in postcards and cards to welcome the trade ministers from 149 economies to the sixth WTO meeting in China Hong Kong on December 13 to 18, Magno’s artwork shows clasped hands encircling the flag of the former British colony where she and her parents are based.

Magno’s artwork started out as an assignment in school. She is a second-grader at the Sir Ellis Kadorie Primary School, a semi-private school in Causeway Bay.

Her father, an architect, has been working in China Hong Kong for the past 11 years while Magno and the rest of the family relocated there only two years ago.


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