Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Swell Party

ROWERS from Great Britain and Canada must be two of the favorite teams in Gifu, Japan, if only for their "bulge power."

Two hours away from the Japanese capital of Tokyo, Gifu hosted the 2005 World Rowing Championship.

How swell would it be to welcome this party of bulges here in Manila.

Well, it seems like Manila's not where the party is!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hit It, Baby!


The United States Open 2005 has pledged to give $500,000 from its proceeds to the victims of hurricane Katrina. Thus, Manila Party takes his hat off to the organizers of the US Open 2005, and to the players and audiences at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.



The US Open 2005 (brought to Manila live by Skaycable through Channel 35 SportsPlus) has kept me awake the past few nights, witnessing how Luxembourg's Gilles Muller had sent America's Andy Roddick packing in just the first round.


Well, I grieved when Muller lost to his doubles partner, Ginepri.

But I cheered for Charles Blake (No. 210), who beat Spain's Rafael Nadal (No. 2). Nadal is a fine player, all right, but he just can't make me clap my hands.


Muller and Belgium's Kim Clijsters (No. 4) are two of my favorite tennis players, all because of their grace under pressure. They always look and play calm in court--be it grass, clay, or hard.


I also cheered when Andre Agassi (who's No. 7 and so sexy at age 35) toppled "The Giant" (Croatia's Ivo Karlovic). My utmost admiration for Agassi does not stem from his spun serves, but from his humanitarian effort that brought about his foundation.


Russia's Maria Sharapova remains the most glamorous tennis player today. It was a joy to see her get the No. 1 seed, but I sighed when she lost it again to America's Lindsay Davenport a day after. But Sharapova's No. 1 again now.


Other players worthy of my sleepless nights are the world's No. 1 Roger Federer (Switzerland) and Davenport, France's Mary Pierce, the Williams sisters Venus (No. 10) and Serena (No. 8), and Russia's Dementieva and Myskina (who bowed out already).


I adored all of these players, all right, with my racquet going to Agassi and Clijsters. My tennis balls, however, belong to Spain's Tommy Robredo (No. 19). If only Agassi would grow his body hair back!