Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gay--as in Happy--About Tax Saving

Well, in every rule or law there really is a loophole. Yes, even in laws allowing same-sex marriages.

Two Canadian men have decided to tie the knot--not that they're in love with each other, since they're straight--but just to test the marriage's effects on tax paying.

"There are significant tax implications that we don't think the government has thought through," according to Bill Dalrymple, 56, and his best friend, Bryan Pinn, 65.

They admitted, though, that their act was a "bit of a hoot."

(Via Contractoruk.com)

Well, to all the gays out there, posting these pictures is my way of saying good morning to you, from Manila.

(Via madeinbrazil.typepad.com)


At 9:07 PM, Blogger deo08 said...

i like these part were i am always dreaming to have these life but i am always thinking of how i wil be rich, how i wil help and grant wishes of all my brother and sister .. and i am always keeping what i lke most .. hopre i can go to other places meeting guys there having fun ..

thank you for these BLOGGER i like it most .. hope i can go to other country .. meeting guys there
and be like these GAYS AS IN HAPPY

i am always keeping im gay


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